Paul's Perch Blazin Gemz™

Paul’s Perch is an award winning innovation from Glamos Wire! Our patented Perch is a fun and easy way to feed our feathered friends. Simply hang the feeder in your yard, choose your favorite feed, and watch them flock to your feeder!

Whether your an avid “birder” or just enjoy watching their folly, Paul’s Perch is the perfect addition to your yard decor. Watch our video to see the birds in action and learn a little more about our newest innovation under Paul’s Perch.

Paul’s Perch U.S. Patent No. D691769

See Paul's Perch in Action!

Small quantity pricing available. Please contact us.

Paul’s Perch Blazin Gemz™ **PATENTED**

Paul’s Perch Blazin Gemz™ Color Combo Carton
Model 220000 – QTY 25

Model Description Qty / Carton
210612 Blazin Gemz™ Sapphire Blue 5 ea
210712 Blazin Gemz™ Amethyst Purple 5 ea
210812 Blazin Gemz™ Ruby Red 5 ea
210912 Blazin Gemz™ Emerald Green 5 ea
211000 Blazin Gemz™ Aquamarine 5 ea