About Glamos

Delivering Quality, Dependable Wire Products Since 1899

Since 1899, Glamos Wire has been perfecting the art and science of wire in the heart of the Midwest. Through a long-standing tradition of credibility and dependability they have become one of the most respected names in the industry.

Glamos Wire boasts a large line of Lawn and Garden items from a variety of plant supports to fencing and extension hooks as well as producing products for the Recycling and Concrete industries.

With a deep commitment to building, buying, and hiring American, Glamos Wire is the experienced source for high-quality wire products with nationwide delivery.

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President and CEO

Jenifer Glamos Mullenbach

Jennifer started out in the factory running production. She moved into the office area around 1993 after completing schooling for accounting/business management. She has done every type of office duty there is and is now Vice President of Administration. She has a great husband and 2 wonderful children. They all enjoy hunting, fishing and camping. “It’s hard to explain what it is like to be in a family business. It’s not all smiles & laughter but the values, common goals and our legacy of being one of the oldest family owned businesses in the state is very fulfilling and at the end of the day, we are family.”

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Senior Vice President of Business Development

Paul Glamos

Paul has worked most of his life at ‘The Shop’ starting out with odd jobs up to being a part of running the company. He has been introduced to and has discovered great people throughout the lifespan of his career from North America and International contacts to right here at home base. He enjoys spending time with his family exploring life.

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Operations Manager

Annette Glamos

Annette started back in the tool room sorting nuts and bolts for her father. She has consistently moved up through the ranks, always starting from the ground up so she could learn everything there is to know about the wire manufacturing industry. Today she is co-President and can be seen at many trade shows we participate in. She has a very good rapport with our customers and enjoys meeting new business associates. Annette is integral in our company when it comes to scheduling the manufacturing process all the way to when the product leaves our door. Annette is an avid gardener and loves to fish, hunt and be in the outdoors as much as possible.

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Production Manager

Kristine Kopecky

Kristine, along with Annette, would go to work with Dad while still in elementary school, sweeping, cleaning bathrooms, emptying trash. After high school, she started work as the receptionist and quickly moved up into customer service, order entry, customer and job cost analysis. She took time off to be home for her kids and always came back. She is now working as operations assistant. Kristine has been married over 25 years, has 3 kids and 6 grandchildren and a dog named Arnold. She enjoys fishing, reading and loves the water and outdoors. “I feel it is a privilege to be part of a family owned business. We have an awesome sense of values and a connection with each other that others can’t know unless they’ve been in the same position.”