Folding Wire Fence

Folding Wire Fence

Our folding wire fence and fence panels are favorites among gardeners. Available in a variety of colors, they are perfect for use along borders, walkways, drives and flower beds. Immediate shipment available any time of the year.

18" X 8ft Folding Wire Fences

Packaged 12 Per Box, 50 Boxes Per Pallet.

Available in: White, Green, and Black

32" Wire Fence Panels

Packaged 50 Per Carton, 1000 Per Pallet.

Available in: Green

Small quantity pricing available. Please contact us.


Model Description Qty / Carton Qty / Pallet
777009 18″ x 8ft White Folding Fence 12 ea 240 ea
778009 18″ x 8ft Green Folding Fence 12 ea 240 ea
776777 18″ x 8ft Black Folding Fence 12 ea 240 ea
770089 32″ Green Fence Panel 50 ea 1000 ea